Real Tenants Speak

These are un-edited real comments from some of my tenants...


Hi Mike!


        I just want to send you a Great Big Thank You !!!!

        You are truly an answer to my Prayers. One year ago I was living in a motel with my two boys

        And no clue where to turn. I decided to take a walk with my boys and came across a lovely yellow

        House , that I remember being abandoned and boarded up. That day changed everything for me and

        My family. You provided a home that is comfortable and warm as well as Beautiful. You are the kindest

        Landlord I've ever met. I know that you were sent from “God”

        Your house of new beginnings is a Blessing. And I know that God will Bless You!!!

                                                                                            A Grateful Tenant

                                                                                            N. Williams  408 School Street

P.S. I plan on staying another year!!!!




We would like to take this time out to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts you know, if there we're more people in the world like you, it would be a much nicer place. The kids and Connie are very excited about moving in the house and can't wait to move and get settled in. You have provided a wonderful home for me and my family in live in and we really appreciates it. I tell you, You are one of a kind a landlord who is full of love and compassion is hard to find. So we have to THANK GOD for YOU!!!
Your grandma is cool I enjoyed talking to her today.
Talk to you later!
                                                    Love, PC
  867 Kingston Street


The house I rented from Michael for over a year was beautifully and soundly renovated with upscale features such as glass block, unique lighting and ceiling fans, and high quality appliances. Michael is serious about investing in modest neighborhoods and helping to improve them. He is very responsive if there are any plumbing or other difficulties. Michael is also very easy to contact--not like many landlords. I loved the house, the beautiful yard, and interacting with Michael. He has my highest recommendation! He made all the difference to my stay in Daytona Beach. M.S.

330 Jefferson Street