Hi I’m Michael.  I recently relocated back to Daytona Beach after a 15 year stay in Manhattan, one of the most expensive rental markets in the country.  I am not some millionaire developer or someone who wants to change the fabric of a neighborhood, just the living conditions in some forgotten neighborhoods for low-income residents.  I have a background working in accounting environments in Corporate America.  I’ll admit, at first my intentions for getting involved in real estate was to profit, buy and sell properties after fixing them up.  But that all changed once I began researching the low income rental market in Daytona Beach… I found conditions that were run down, dark and depressing.


I choose properties that were previous slumlord rentals, drug houses, or abandoned bank owned properties that served as a hotbed for drug activity & prostitution operations.   The houses are boarded-up magnets for crime in the neighborhood. 

I change all that…

At this stage in my housing redevelopment, as soon as I begin working on a house, residents begin jockeying for who will get to rent it from me.  I could be standing in front of a structure with no windows and doors, tires in the dirt lawn but people have see my previous work and know I do things first class.


I want everyone that lives in one of my apartments to be treated with respect.  All tenants deserve to have working clean appliances, modern fixtures, a roof that does not leak, etc. in short, a safe comfortable place to call home, even on a fixed income, low income, or Section 8 assisted living.  Just because someone cannot afford modern amenities, does not mean they do not deserve them. 

My homes are designed with the single parent in mind, always brand new appliances and included washer and dryer are mandatory, it’s hard enough to find time to do laundry, yet alone have to buggy-lug it to another location to do it.  With on premises washer and dryers, parents have more time to spend with the kids.

Text Box: I myself do nothing... God accomplishes all through me.

“Poverty is nothing to be ashamed of.  What is disgraceful is to have an impoverished heart or live dishonestly.  Being born in a stately mansion is no guarantee of happiness, any more then being born in is a shack dooms one to misery” - Diasaku Ikeda